MSZ-06 美魔女幹部ヴェルマリア ~ヒーロー陥落 命をかけた射精管理~

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MSZ-06 Aged Beauty Cadre Vel Maria: Hero Corruption Life-threatening Ejaculation Control


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Actress : Hana Kano 神納花
Label : Delusion Project Z
Charactor : villan
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Slut,Fellatio,Fighting,Humiliation,Forced sex,Evil,FEMDOM
Release date : 2023/03/10

MSZ06_J1.mp4 |Size: 957.62 MB| Duration: 01:00:49| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1280×720
MSZ06_J2.mp4 |Size: 555.29 MB| Duration: 00:35:30| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1280×720

The three righteous organizations selected their respective aces to combat the massive evil and formed a dream team. One day, Dinotops, Cosmo Red, and Magna Pink join forces to hunt down Negastia’s monster Gusion. However, Vel Maria, an aged beauty executive of the third power ”Demon Empire” reigns…! She defeats the monster without a second thought and captures Dinotops and his colleagues in the demon world. Vel Maria, amused by the pain of the three, proposes a ”wager” as a condition for their release. Dinotops had a curse on his penis and would release the three if they did not endure Vel Maria’s playing and ejaculate for 10 days. Dinotops takes the ”wager” and manages to endure Vel Maria’s sexual playing until his last day. However, he was met by a group of colleagues who had already become Vel Maria’s servants. Vel Maria toyed with Dinotops. Finally, Dinotops is unable to hold back his ejaculation and pledges his allegiance to Vel Maria. The first order given to Dinotops, now a servant, was to execute his former companion Magna Pink…[BAD ENDING]

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MSZ06_J1.mp4 (957.6 Mb)
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MSZ06_J1.mp4 – 957.6 MB
MSZ06_J2.mp4 – 555.3 MB

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