GIGP-33【G1】美聖女戦士セーラーエルメス ~蜜獣猟の魔装闇堕ち~

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GIGP-33 Sailor Hermes: Hunting Beast and Evil Dress Temptation


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Actress : Miduki Yayoi 弥生みづき
Label : G1 Grand Prix
Charactor : Sailor Suits Heroine
Genre : Heroine,Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Sailor,Underwear,Miniskirt,Blowjob,Forced sex,Tentacle
Release date : 2023/02/10

GIGP33_J1.mp4 |Size: 969.18 MB| Duration: 01:01:35| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1280×720
GIGP33_J2.mp4 |Size: 627.85 MB| Duration: 00:40:05| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1280×720

Seina Mizuki, Sailor Hermes, was immersed in her beautiful conscience and fell into the trap of the demons’ unscrupulous battle! Sailor Hermes resists without losing her pride by exposing her foolishness in front of the demon king Saddam, but in the demon world, Sailor Hermes cannot fully use her holy power and is sexually assaulted. Uncontrollable emotions torment Sailor Hermes’ body and mind, pushing her into continuous orgasm hell… Sailor Hermes succeeded in escaping from the demon world before her mind was dominated, but what awaited her was the female who attacked her. It was the demonic beast Zouma that transforms everything into monsters! Elephant tentacles attack Sailor Hermes! And her tragic fate of falling into Devil Hermes leads her to the climax of her feast… [BAD END]

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GIGP33_J1.mp4 – 969.2 MB
GIGP33_J2.mp4 – 627.9 MB

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