ZEPE-49 女戦闘員 COCOON 後編 (FHD ver.)

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ZEPE-49 Female Combatant COCOON Vol.2 (FHD ver.)


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ZEPE-49_FHD_P1.mp4 |Size: 857.02 MB| Duration: 00:45:00| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080

Actress : Cocomi hoshinaka,Aina Nagase,Sae Fujiki, Nonoka Akari,Kanoko Sonoda,Sarara Uruki,Hono Wakamiya,Kayo Iwasawa,Kotori Shima,Yui Nonan,Seika Harunagi,Yuriko Takazono,Yuzu Shinkawa , Airu Hashino , Saki,Kisaki , Aoi Sakaki , NorikoFujioka , Maiko Sahara ,Hiroko Sakuma
Series : Female Combatants
Charactor : Female Combatant
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Evil,Forced,Leotard
Release date : 2023/11/24

The small-time female combatants of the evil organization Absard are defeated by the hero of justice, Jyuukaizar…They were also ordinary ladies who were taken away by Absard. After that, they are brainwashed, their memories and emotions as a human are erased, and they fight and sacrifices themselves according to Absard’s orders. When the number of such female combatants decreases, new women are taken away and brainwashed, turning them into obedient small-fry female combatants one after another. Absard stands up to the Jyuukaizar no matter what. Then a new squadron of justice, Wakuseiber, appears, and all the female Absard combatants fight against them, but get attacked and screwed up. Absard’s executive Garze unleashes a fierce attack on Wakuseiber, inflicting damage, but the two squadrons unite, and Wakuseiber and Jyuukaizar become the strongest squadron, Jyuuseiber, and defeat the female combatants.

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ZEPE-49_FHD_P1.mp4 (857.0 Mb)

ZEPE-49_FHD_P1.mp4 – 857.0 MB

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