MSZ-12 ヒロイン特殊責め 神獣戦隊ビーストレンジャー ビーストイエロー (FHD ver.)

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MSZ-12 Blame a Super Heroine With Special Attack: Beast Ranger -Beast Yellow (FHD ver.)


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mp4 |Size: 2.07 GB| Duration: 02:12:50| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Actress : Umi Oikawa 及川うみ
Label : Delusion Project Z
Charactor : Ranger
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Evil,Forced sex,Fellatio,Monster,Outdoors
Release date : 2023/11/10

Beast Rangers fight every day to protect people from the evil organization Ashura Clan. One of them, Beast Yellow Rinka Kizaki, fights alone against the Ashura clan combatants and barely manages to repel them. However, a man chasing Beast Yellow steals Rinka’s top secret information, the Beast Suit data card. He brings it to Ashura clan and requests to become a monster himself to make Beast Yellow his own. A few days later, a chimera monster appears before Beast Yellow. Beast Ranger’s female enhancement suit amplifies sexual stimulation, which is her weakness, and a pleasure attack defeats her! Beast Yellow is kidnapped by the Ashura clan’s hideout and is sexually blamed by the Chimera monster. Her mind and body approach the limit due to repeated orgasm hell, and she is cornered with expressions of agony and ecstasy. Beast Yellow finally succumbs to the pleasure that washes over her over and over again. She began to seek pleasure on her own, and with the expression of a hollow, masochistic female, she drowned in pleasure. [BAD ENDING]

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